Micro markets are all the buzz in the vending industry – and for good reason! These micro market statistics will show you why. Micro markets appeal to consumers who want greater choice and healthier options – 91% of Americans consider nutrition before selecting a product, and 88% will pay more for healthy food.

Coolers, Freezers, and snack racks can be customized to fit almost any location, but micro markets work best in areas with 50 – 200+ employees.

Micro markets are more secure than you think – a combination of built-in webcams and external cameras deter theft. The majority of vending operators report shrinkage and theft at micro markets at less than 2%.

With micro markets, the micro market statistics speak for themselves – they accounted for $1.7 billion of industry sales. Cold beverages and food combine to represent 43% of all micro market sales. And micro market placements continue to grow – with over 26,000 active micro market locations.

Micro markets generate on average $20 per customer a month vs $7 for vending. The breakeven point for an average micro market investment averages 7.5 months vs 17 months for a 4 machine vending bank. And annual gross profits before cost-to-serve is $19,200 for micro markets vs $4,800 for a comparable vending setup.

Check out the Infographic:

Parlevel Micro Market Statistics

Operators love micro markets because micro markets make money! Embrace micro markets today and find success with your operation.

Make the Move to Micro Markets

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