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Run a successful business with technology solutions from Parlevel. We supply powerful, easy-to-use, and effective technology solutions to help your unattended food and beverage company succeed. From Vending Management Systems and Credit Card Readers to Micro Markets and Smart Stores – we have the right solution for your business.


Powerful Vending Solutions to Boost Your Business

Get more out of your vending machines. Our Vending Management System will help you spend less, sell more, and optimize your business. Tap into useful tools like dynamic routing, prekitting, product merchandising, and much much more.

Never miss a sale with Parlevel Pay cashless readers. Flexible, reliable, and future-proof – our 4G readers will help your machines sell more. Together, our VMS and card readers work together to help you serve your customers better.


Intelligent Micro Markets to Serve Customers Better

Whatever your account requires, we have the right kiosk solution for you. Our mix of micro market kiosks gives you the ideal technology for each location.

Max 2.0: A true workhorse.
Perfect for larger accounts, the kiosk is powerful, easy-to-use, and provides quick checkout. Plus, a simple, image-based checkout process helps your customers pay and enjoy faster. Get started with a black or white model for your next location.

Mini: Small kiosk, big punch.
Ideal for locations of 125 people or less, Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional kiosks cannot. With a 10.1″ touchscreen, cashless reader, barcode scanner, and a front-facing security camera you can replace your vending machines with a market setup to increase location profitability. Or, pair Micro Market Mini with a Max to create a secondary checkout solution at a prime location.

koin: App-based micro market solution.
koin kiosks are completely powered by your customers smartphones. Simply provide the snacks, beverages, and other products onsite, and let your customers checkout with their smartphones! They select a product, scan the product on their phone, pay, and enjoy! It’s that easy.

Smart Stores and Campus Solutions

hubz Smart Cooler
Go beyond micro markets and capitalize on new unattended retail technology. Expand your account base with the hubz Smart Cooler – a secure smart cooler that allows you to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. The hubz Smart Cooler is a locked fridge that only opens when someone presents a payment method. Once a customer selects a product, the cooler automatically detects what was selected and charges them accordingly. Sell the product diversity of a micro market with the security of a vending machine.

Cater Campus Solutions
Provide campus and restaurant environments with a better way to service customers. Cater helps enable a frictionless experience between customers and providers through convenient ordering, easy sales tools, and simplified operations. A self-checkout kiosk, mobile app, kitchen display system, and campus manager dashboard combine to streamline campus foodservice.

Get the right technology to help your business grow



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