Hello operators! Emilio here. I hope you’re excited to join us for a brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Vending and Micro Markets:  Custom Route Icons

The VMS landing page gives operators an elaborate overview of current activity. Here , it is possible to plan upcoming services, get a quick glance at active alerts and, most importantly, receive live updates for all routes in progress. Previously, our VMS platform would automatically choose a route icon color for new routes created in the system. In a recent update, it is now possible to customize the colors for each and every route. Colors can even be set from right inside the overview page. This new feature will help you organize and monitor routes in a way that makes sense for your business.

Stock App:  Manual Counts for Offline Services

Whether you have online or offline machines, accurate prekitting is essential for servicing your locations.The Parlevel VMS always provides the most accurate prekitting possible for all online connected machines. For offline machines, Parlevel provides a predictive algorithm that can offer accurate prekits as well. However, offline servicing can be even more accurate. So we are taking offline prekitting to the next level with Manual Counts. Manually counts helps you remedy selections that have experienced unexpected shifts in buying patterns or simply inaccurate audit counts can skew predictions. Manual counts will help reset problem selections and get them back on track to accurate prekitting quickly.

Warehouse Receive: Previously Undelivered Items

A well run warehouse is crucial to your business, and supply chain limitations are an unwelcome complication to your operation. That’s why we have added the ability to receive undelivered items on partially received orders. All “partially delivered” orders will be clearly marked and you can continue to accept partial orders until it is complete. This allows you to more accurately reflect your current and expected stock of warehouse products due to supply chain limitations.

Parlevel Careers

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design and support the next generation of connected retail? If you have, I encourage you to look at our Careers Page and look at opportunities to join our team. From Accounting and Sales to Support and Logistics, and, of course, our Engineering teams, Parlevel is looking to connect with you. Visit us at parlevelsystems.com/careers.

Thanks for joining us for this product update! These new features and tools will help you run an even more successful business. As always, thanks for choosing Parlevel! If you have questions about any of these updates, please reach out to us!


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