Parlevel Systems provides powerful hardware and software solutions for the unattended retail industry. Our vending management tools, cashless readers, micro markets, hubz smart stores, and Cater campus solutions help you bring convenience to every location that needs it. All of this equipment, together with your existing vending machines, seamlessly connects to Parlevel’s powerful unattended retail management system.

Through this system, Parlevel lets you manage your entire unattended retail company in one location. Parlevel helps you make powerful decisions about your business that optimize your operations rapidly, grow efficiently, and improve your bottom line dramatically. Here’s how:


Parlevel’s warehouse module helps you streamline warehouse operations, track inventory, and order products with ease. Track inventory as it moves from warehouse to truck to machine. Create and manage product orders and inventory.

Cash Accountability

Hold drivers accountable and gain peace of mind. Track your cash down to the nickel. Parlevel detects exactly how much cash should be collected per route. Know by machine exactly how many nickels, dimes, quarters and bills are coming to the coin room.


Service machines faster than ever with prekitting. Use prekitting to pack only the product that is needed for each machine or micro market on a route ahead of time. Our prekitting technology inside our unattended retail management system monitors point of sales consumption rates and tells you exactly what inventory to stock – helping you to collect up to twice as much money per machine service.

Dynamic Routing 

Eliminate unnecessary trips with dynamic routing. Remote data or historical information tells you exactly which locations need service. Based on factors important to you like sellouts, money to collect, days since last service, you can service machines that need it.


Sell more and serve better through product merchandising. At a glance, see what products sell well in which locations. Through a full planogram representation for vending and micro markets, you can see every product in every market or machine, as well as current price point and inventory count. Through the optimization tool, you can quickly see product sales levels – helping you to eliminate slow sellers and stock fast movers to sell more and service better.

Mobile Apps

Mange your vending, micro markets, office coffee, or other unattended retail business lines from the convenience of your smart phone. Parlevel has an array of apps that sync up with the overall unattended retail management system to help you get more done on the go. 

Stock is your driver app, which lets your team service equipment out in the field. Through Stock, drivers can utilize GPS guided routes, generate service tickets, adjust machine inventory on the fly, and more – making their jobs easier than ever.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operation with Feed. Feed gives you critical updates about your operation as they happen. Customize your notifications for things like machine services, tech ticket creation, route completion, and more.

Provide micro market access anywhere, anytime with koin. Allow market customers to establish prepaid accounts for fast purchases. Allow customers to remotely manage accounts, check inventory, and provide service feedback. Benefit from customer engagement, lower transaction fees, and increased payment options. Or, use koin as a virtual micro market – no kiosk required. 

Unattended Retail Management Implementation & Support 

These are just some of the many tools you can use with Parlevel’s unattended retail management system. Our Customer Success and Support team will work directly with your business to get your operation online, your team trained, and your company thriving.  We will work with you to develop a custom plan that is effective for you. And if you have existing hardware, you can quickly connect to Parlevel with ease.

Cut costs, boost sales, and service your customers better than ever! Through our hardware and software solutions, we’ll help you and your company find success. Visit us at, and let’s get started!

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