When it comes to micro markets, making a purchase should be easy and intuitive for both end-user and operator. The more convenient it is to purchase from the market, the more often the customer will actually use it – which means more money in an operator’s pocket.

Parlevel preaches continuous improvement when it comes to all of our technology (vending management, credit card readers, telemetry) and micro markets are no exception. Parlevel has brought major improvements to our micro market kiosk to increase ease-of-use for both operators and end-users with the release of version 2.5.0.

Here are three of our most helpful changes:

Improved Search with Product Tags

Micro Market Kiosk Products

Easy and accessible search is important to create an optimal customer experience on the kiosk. For items that don’t have bar codes, like fresh fruit or vegetables, or items that have a distorted or damaged bar code, accurate product search is indispensable. Customers should be able to find products quickly and easily through their kiosk. This will help operators too – customers will be comfortable using the kiosk and won’t abandon a transaction due to the frustration of not having a bar code. This leads to less time spent on micro market training, education, or maintenance.

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UI Improvements

Micro Market Product Checkout

In a breakroom, micro markets often replace vending machines, which most consumers are familiar with using. Unattended retail spaces like micro markets are successful because of their convenience. Hard-to-use kiosks are no longer convenient for consumers, which removes their primary appeal.

Middle One

Redesigned Driver Console

Micro Market UI

A micro market kiosk needs to be equally useful for the driver who services it. Drivers who can add product, troubleshoot, and test quickly can fill markets faster than ever. This increased service efficiency will allow them to hit more locations in a route.

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A Better User-Experience, a Better Relationship between Operator and Customer

Remember, the improved UI will:

  • Make search easier than ever for customers
  • Cut down on time spent training, onboarding, and supporting end-users
  • Increase driver efficiency and speed-up kiosk optimization

With these updates, operators and customers will benefit from a kiosk that is reliable, intuitive, and enjoyable to use. Customers can enjoy their favorite snacks more conveniently than ever, and operators can increase operational efficiency – all leading to a more profitable market.