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Free Shipping

We’ve extended our free shipping deal! For the month of January, get free shipping on popular Parlevel products!


Micro Market Max 2.0

Parlevel’s Micro Market Max 2.0 is an updated version of the original Max model. Benefit from a sleeker, more refined design plus upgraded tools that will help you service more successful micro market accounts.


Lighter, easier to move, and more attractive to your customers – Max 2.0 is a versatile breakroom solution. An improved, fish-eye camera helps you better identify and eliminate theft. An upgraded CPU and industrial grade touchscreen ensure micro market uptime and better usability. Get started with a black or white model for your next location.

Micro Market Mini

Perfect for locations of 125 people or less, Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional kiosks cannot. With a 10.1” touchscreen, cashless reader, barcode scanner, and a front-facing security camera you can replace your vending machines with a market setup to increase location profitability. Maximize your space to sales, and provide a successful micro market service.

Micro Market Mini Forward

Parlevel Pay + Card Readers

Boost your machine sales and give your customers more ways to pay with a reliable, 4G cashless reader. Accept payments via credit, debit, NFC, mobile payments like Apple Pay & Google Pay, and EMV dip payments. Powered by future-proof 4G networks and backed by the most powerful vending management system in the industry.

International Shipping Rates May Vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer or rebate. Only valid on Parlevel items purchased in the month of January.

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