Geekdom is a collaborative coworking space located in downtown San Antonio. Self-described as a “gym membership for geeks,” Geekdom provides a space where entrepreneurs can form, launch, and grow innovative companies. As a collaborative environment, Geekdom is hugely focused on providing great resources to help their community of innovators.

Resources like unique common areas, mentorship programs, and even a podcast studio contribute to the well-being and productivity of Geekdom’s members and companies. Another key perk for helping their community? A great breakroom with an office micro market.

“Having a good snack selection is really important,” said David Garcia, CEO of Geekdom. “When people come here, they need to keep their energy going – they need that fuel to keep going.”

Geekdom provides that fuel to their members with an office micro market through Parlevel. Parlevel markets offer a wide range of fresh, healthy, and delicious food and beverage options to the Geekdom community.

With an office micro market right onsite, Geekdom is able to provide a food and beverage option that is convenient for their community. Members can focus on their work without the need to leave their office and search for food or drinks.

“For me, the micro market is really awesome because if I want to grab a healthy snack, I can just walk down to the 7th floor,” said Torii Salinas, Office Manager at Geekdom. “I can get something for myself, go back up to my desk, and continue working – I don’t have to leave (the office).”

With Parlevel markets, Geekdom can offer the food and beverage options their members love, while keeping them onsite and productive. So if you are looking for a breakroom option that is convenient, contributes positively to employee health, and increases office productivity, an office micro market could be the answer.

“A (micro market) is a great thing that increases productivity and makes healthy snacks and drinks readily available to your members or even your employees, so I think it’s the way to go,” said Torii. “It’s the new wave.”

Get a Micro Market in your office today!

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