The negative economic impact of the coronavirus has forced many companies to downsize their workforce. Businesses including vending, micro market, and office coffee operations are trying to make do with fewer employees. Now, more than ever, companies have to ask for more out of their existing workforce. 

With the right technology, businesses can still find success while operating with fewer resources. 

Here’s how you can use tools, like those from Parlevel, to optimize your workforce.

Enhanced Time Management

Parlevels management system has many features that will help your workforce manage their time more efficiently.

Warehouse Personnel can pack your trucks faster. Our system lets you know exactly what product your locations need ahead of time so you can pack the right inventory before visiting your locations – a process known as prekitting. You can even time how quickly you prekit, and enforce timely prekitting across your operation.

Route Drivers can service machines more efficiently. With prekitted totes at their disposal, route drivers simply need to grab their product, fill their trucks and go. With prekitting, a driver can increase machines serviced from 20 machines a day to over 30.

Service Technicians can repair equipment quickly. With our Stock app, your driver can easily note if equipment needs repairs while he’s on-site servicing. This information can quickly be relayed to your service technicians for timely repairs.

Better Multi Tasking

Parlevel’s VMS opens up plenty of opportunities to let employees and businesses multi-task. They can color outside the lines of their traditional roles since your entire business is controlled through the same system. A route driver can run his route but also check the location and adjust inventories when onsite servicing. That same route driver who traditionally services vending, can easily service micro market or coffee stations. Route supervisors can also check on machine alerts ahead of time and see if their driver can fix a machine while he’s out running a route. Through Parlevel, you can clearly define roles and permissions – creating roles that are as flexible or focused as needed.

Increased Accountability

As Parlevel technology captures information about your operation, it’s easy for you to keep workers accountable. You can easily track drivers as they service their routes, while using cash accountability tools to ensure they’re returning with the right amount of money every time. With increased visibility, you can make sure every member of your team is accomplishing what needs to be done. Pull info from hundreds of different reports to maintain high performance over time.

These highlights only scratch the surface of how well you can manage your team with the right technology. Keeping your workers productive, flexible, and accountable will drive success in your operation.

Reach out to us today, and see how Parlevel tools can help you better manage your workforce.

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