The vending industry is growing! From 2018 to 2019, we’ve seen 90 thousand new vending machines placed. To get the most out of these machines, vending operators must manage vending machines correctly and use technology like a Vending Management System. Vendors with a VMS are able to save money, increase profits, and improve their business.

Increase profitability – with a VMS operators can properly merchandise – boosting machines sales up to 15%. Optimized planograms can decrease spoilage up to 30%. And installing a card reader can boost sales up to 40%. Manage vending machines with a VMS leads to more profits for operators.

Save time – A VMS allows operators to prep exact product totes ahead of time in a process called prekitting. Prekitting saves 10-15 minutes per machine serviced as drivers only have to walk to a machine once. Which means if a driver serviced 20-25 machines a day, prekitting helps them service between 30-35 machines a day. 

Save money: A vending management system helps you implement dynamic routing, which lets you service only machines that need it precisely when they need it. Dynamic routing in combination with prekitting helps you service 33% more machines per route – helping you to consolidate 1 out of every 3 routes you run. Each consolidated route can save an operator up to $75,000 a year in service cost and time. 

Check out the Infographic

VMS Infographic

Adopting a VMS is critical to success and to manage vending machines correctly. Use a VMS to increase profits, save time, and save money throughout your operation.

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