Want to know the best way to service a micro market? With Parlevel Systems, servicing your micro market is fast, easy, and effective! Follow these steps, and maximize your service, profit, and customer satisfaction at your accounts.

Before You Service a Micro Market

Before physically servicing a micro market, you’ll want to make sure this location is planned for service, and that your products have been prekitted correctly. The Parlevel management system automatically tracks sales from your micro market in real time, so you’ll know exactly how much product your market needs, and exactly what you’ll need to bring for service.

When planning a market for service, you can designate a micro market as Service only if you simply want to refill products, or service and collect if you want to refill products and collect cash. This gives you added service flexibility depending on whether or not there is enough cash in the kiosk worth pulling. 

Before you leave to service a micro market, make sure you have the following items with you.

  • A Phone or Tablet – to access Stock application
  • Your Micro Market Keys – to access the inside of the kiosk for tasks like pulling money
  • A Parlevel Cleaning Cloth – To remove dust or dirt and keep your market looking clean!
  • A USB Keyboard – In case you need to troubleshoot your kiosk.

Now that we have everything ready, let’s begin to service a micro market!     

Step 1 – Login to the Stock App

The first thing you’ll do after arriving to the location will be to log into the Stock app. From here, you will pick the location you are servicing and click on the micro market you are servicing to view service information. From this screen you can either select the prekitting button to verify your prekit info or select the “Manual PL” button. Manual PL is a way to manually mark your service as complete without logging in as a driver at the kiosk – that way you can complete your service without interrupting transactions at the kiosk.

Step 2 – Stock the Micro Market

Using the prekit information, you can now stock the market. When you’re done filling products, you can move to the next step of servicing the market – pulling money.

Step 3 – Pull Money

When pulling money, the stock app allows you to make notes or issue refunds. You will be able to reconcile this money in the VMS after the service is completed.

Step 4 – Login to the Kiosk as a Driver

Once you’ve stocked the prekitted products and pulled money, you can now log into the kiosk as a driver. From the driver login, you can mark the kiosk as being serviced, add new products, conduct a hardware test, and more. To access this driver portal quickly, it is best to set up a fingerprint for rapid login. 

You can now hit the service kiosk icon. This icon will only appear on kiosks that are scheduled for service. You can now go back to the Stock app on your Phone/tablet.

Step 5 – Modify Your Stock and Adjust Counts

Once the kiosk is marked as serviced you will now see the “Manual PL” button change to “Inventory”. Clicking on the Inventory button you will allow you to see updated counts for items after you stocked your products. You can modify your stock and adjust counts at the market as needed. You can also verify your stocked inventory, adjust parlevels and track shrinkage/waste across products in the market.

Step 6 – Clean the Micro Market

After you’ve updated inventory in the stock app and items have been placed in their appropriate spots, don’t forget to tidy up your products, wipe down the kiosk with the cleaning cloth, and give your racks and fridges a good clean. Let your accounts know that you truly care about them by going the extra mile with your service.

When servicing, it is always beneficial to check your micro market theme and messaging. Notice a Summer theme active in the middle of Winter? Make a note to change the theme to a holiday option.

Once you are finished with your service, Open up the Stock app, exit back to the route screen and make sure the location is marked as finished. Congratulations! You’ve effectively serviced your micro market and off you go to your next location.

With Parlevel, servicing your micro markets is easy! Today, we only covered the essentials – Parlevel has many more tools you can access to maximize the service you provide your locations. Want to learn more about Parlevel micro markets? Reach out to us today! We’re happy to help you take your micro market success to the next level.

Get Started with Parlevel Micro Markets

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