hubz Smart Coolers were made available for sale just under a year ago. When the product was announced, unattended retail operators were excited at the prospect of a point of sale that could provide the security of a vending machine and the product diversity of a micro market. 

In its first year, hubz has helped operators all around the world in a variety of environments. From gyms in Europe to hospitals in New York to colleges in Florida and more, hubz is opening a world of new possibilities for unattended retail operators.

Here are 5 things you need to know about hubz:


5 things you need to know about hubzPowered by a Weight-Based System

Many smart coolers are powered by camera-based or RFID systems. These technologies are time consuming, expensive, and pose their own additional issues. Camera-based systems require you to take hundreds of photos of your products from several angles for their product identifying AI; yet, the system may still malfunction, making it unreliable. While RFID requires you to tag and program products, there are times when the tag on the product can become damaged thus causing transaction issues. Plus, applying each tag increases your product and labor costs.

hubz’s weight-based system uses a combination of load sensors, machine learning algorithms, AI, intelligent planograms, and management tools to identify what product is on what shelf and its placement on the shelf. To register a product into hubz, simply weigh 5 samples of the new product in its designated spot and add it to Parlevel’s VMS. Running this system is easy and time saving, while providing an overall lower operational cost when compared to camera based and RFID systems. 

5 things you need to know about hubzCustomizable to Your Needs

These days, consumers desire products that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No longer be limited by traditional vending shelving units. With hubz’s customizable shelving system, set your rack heights and dividers widths to whatever layout you desire, gain the ability to stack your products to increase your cooler’s inventory, and have multiple varied products on a single shelf.

Further personalize your hubz Smart Cooler by offering the products you once couldn’t. By having complete control over your cooler’s internal configuration, provide the diverse high-margin product line that your customers desire, like smoothies or salads. Optimize your planogram with these new products and arrangement options and see your sales grow. 

5 things you need to know about hubzHigh Quality Control

Equipped with an electronic temperature controller and a long term condenser, hubz Smart Coolers guarantee the quality of your products. If the temperature inside the cooler changes, the locking mechanism within the door turns into a health lock and will seal the cooler shut preventing customers from purchasing compromised products. 

If a customer were to pick a product and return it to a different location, hubz’s informative screen will notify the customer the product has been misplaced and will encourage the customer to move the item to the correct location, helping you maintain your planogram and keep a tidy point of sale.

5 things you need to know about hubzEasy-to-Use

Attract customers to your point of sale with sleek, engaging cooler. Utilize custom signage that is not only eye-catching but also tailored to your business needs. After bringing in customers, hubz guides them through the purchasing process through its informative, easy-to-read screen. 

To begin a purchase, hubz directs the customer to its card reader which accepts a variety of payment methods. After a payment method is accepted, the door unlocks, and the customer can begin shopping. Once items are selected, hubz updates the customer’s cart in real time. By shutting the cooler door, the customer’s transaction ends and a QR code to request their receipt is displayed on the screen. 

With this intuitive and user-friendly method of purchasing, hubz makes buying from you simple. 

5 things you need to know about hubzPowerful Management

Backed by Parlevel’s powerful management system, hubz opens a new world of possibilities. Never worry about losing control of your operation again as this effective management system equips you with a dynamic tool kit that allows you to spend less and sell more.

Reduce theft, cut inventory costs, track your products, receive machine alerts to minimize downtime, and manage all your business lines in one place. With dynamic sales and operational software utilizing real time data, get a detailed look into your operation fast with in-depth reports. With hubz, growing your unattended retail operation is easy.

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