The hubz smart cooler is a secured unattended point of sale that helps businesses offer ultimate convenience – expanding to more ways to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. This dynamic product will open the door to countless new locations for food and beverage operators – places like hotels, hospitals, transportation stations, gyms, retails stores, and more will be more accessible than ever. Before you start tapping into the power of this product, we’re here to answer some common questions you may have about hubz.

How secure are hubz Coolers?

When it comes to smart points of sale like hubz, security is essential. The hubz Smart Cooler ensures a secure environment by having a smart lock on the door. This lock does not open until someone presents a payment method. Once opened, the cooler automatically detects any products taken and charges the customer accordingly. If a customer tries to place an different item back in the cooler, the system will alert the customer that the item in the cooler is not part of the product selection. Once the customer closes the door, the payment terminal will process the payment and the cooler will lock again. 

What items can be sold?

With the hubz smart cooler you can sell a wide variety of products. Since you’re not reliant on spirals like those in a vending machine, you can offer high-margin, diverse products like fresh juices, pre pre-packaged meals, yogurts, and cold snacks. The racks in the cooler have adjustable heights, which means you can mix and match rack sizes to make your products fit.

How does it know what product is being taken out?

hubz smart coolers can sense exactly which product is selected by your customers. Through a combination of load sensors, machine learning algorithms, intelligent planograms, and powerful management tools, the cooler knows what product is on the shelf and where it is located in the cooler. This had advantages over systems which rely on vision or RFID because it is more accurate, it has an overall lower operational cost, and anyone can learn how to use the system in minutes. To keep the planogram organized to increase efficiency, if a customer picks a product and returns it in a different spot, the cooler notifies the customer to please place it back in the correct place. With all these hardware and software tools, the product recognition is smooth, cost efficient, and easy to manage.

What payments does it accept?

Hubz payment terminal works like every other payment terminal, it accepts all major debit and credit cards, EMV and NFC payments, and mobile payments. Outside of accepting payments, the terminal also shows and guides customers through the purchasing process. It highlights each product that is selected and the price – ensuring for a fast and engaging checkout experience.

How do I manage the hubz smart cooler?

hubz is powered by a robust enterprise management system, making it easy to scale the number of coolers from one to dozens without loosing operating control. Some of the tools and modules available in the management system are inventories, servicing, routing, merchandising, alerts, warehouse, customer feedback, tech tickets, and much more – letting you maximize the profit of each location.

We hope this answers some questions you have on hubz Smart Coolers! With hubz, you can open your business up to tons of new locations, products, and clientele. 

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