Level up your convenience with the hubz Smart Cooler! hubz is a secure, unattended cooler that makes it easy for you to enjoy the products you want faster than ever.

So how does it work? The hubz Smart Cooler is equipped with advanced product sensing technology that knows exactly which product you select. Simply present cashless payment at the terminal, open the cooler door, select the products you want, and enjoy! hubz knows what product you selected, and it charges you accordingly. Changed your mind about what product you want? No problem! Just put the product back where you found it, and hubz will remove it from your cart!

The hubz Smart cooler gives you access to more diverse products than conventional solutions like vending machines. Enjoy fresh foods, healthy sandwiches, full meals, and delicious beverages. With hubz, getting your favorite snack, food, or beverage is easy.

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