Hello everyone! Say hello to the hubz smart cooler. The hubz smart cooler is a dynamic, unattended point of sale that helps businesses offer ultimate convenience. The hubz Cooler combines the product diversity of a micro market with the security of a vending machine – allowing you to open your business to a world of new possibilities.

Hubz Smart Coolers come equipped with a 7 inch display, an attractive payment terminal and a base to place products while selecting more items. The display guides customers through the purchase process. To begin, a customer presents payment via debit or credit card, NFC payments, or mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Once the customer presents payment, the smart lock mechanism on the cooler disengages, and the customer can select their products. Once the cooler is closed, the smart lock will re-engage, and the terminal will alert the customer of a successful purchase – showing a QR code that allows customers to view their receipt. The terminal also informs customers during each step of the purchase process. It displays each product that is selected and the price in real time. If a product is placed back into the cooler, it will deduct it from the cart. It even notifies customers if they return the product but in an incorrect spot, – helping customers checkout quickly, effectively, and securely.

The coolers are equipped with load sensing technology, and through the use of machine learning algorithms, and intelligent planograms, it will identify exactly what product your customer chooses. The cooler knows which product is in which location on each shelf, and immediately notifies the customer of their selection. If a customer tries to place a different item back in the cooler or puts a product back in the wrong location, the system will show the customer immediately via the display.

The cooler itself is an efficient, reliable, attractive unit that will keep your product safe and fresh. The cooler is equipped with an electronic temperature controller to ensure optimal refrigeration performance, while a newly designed condenser increases long term reliability.

The cooler has a usable volume of over 17 feet, which allows you to stock your hubz smart cooler with the right combination of drinks, snacks, or meal options. The lock also serves as a health lock, so if the door is left open for too long or the temperature changes, it will lock the cooler and keep the customer from purchasing possibly harmed foods.

hubz is backed by a powerful management system which allows you to get the most out of your smart cooler. Easily update cooler planograms, tap into product merchandising recommendations, track spoilage, and identify sales patterns to optimize the performance of your machine.

hubz smart coolers are an intelligent, secure point of sale that lets you offer new products to new locations. Get started with the hubz cooler today and open your business to a
world of new possibilities.


Learn more at https://hubzstores.com/