Retail is changing rapidly. As our world becomes more fast-paced, customers expect to have convenient access to the products they love, wherever they are. Businesses need to keep up with these demands with a solution that allows them to securely sell any product in any location.

Introducing the hubz smart cooler- an unattended point of sale that helps businesses offer ultimate convenience – a secure way to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. Unbound from strict requirements regarding product and place, businesses can sell any good in any location. Companies can finally bring unattended retail into untapped locations – adding new possibilities for growth.

hubz smart coolers are versatile, highly secure, and easy to use. Equipped with an array of product recognition sensors, machine learning algorithms, and powerful management tools, this cooler is truly smart. hubz smart coolers can only be accessed when someone presents a payment method. When opened, it detects exactly what product your customer selects and informs them of their choice via an interactive touchscreen – making it easy for your customers to grab, pay, and go.

Backed by a powerful management system, businesses can tap into valuable insights and make informed decisions to maximize inventory efficiency, optimize service, and increase space-to-sales.

Getting started with the hubz smart cooler is easy. Lean on an experienced team of support professionals to quickly learn how to deploy the product, maximize return on investment, and satisfy customers. Get started with the hubz cooler today and open your business to a world of new possibilities.

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