A Parlevel Micro Market install kiosk is a breeze. Here is a step by step guide for you to get your market up and selling in no time:

Before Installing Your Kiosk: In your Parlevel VMS, you will need to set up the location, account, market, market assets and the products that are assigned to each asset. Setting up the kiosk in the VMS is necessary for your market to run properly, this also allows you to use Parlevel’s powerful VMS tools to manage your Micro Market. If you need assistance or training for this initial setup, call or chat with us directly! We can walk you through the process to make sure you are good to go.

Materials Needed: You will need: a Parlevel Max Kiosk, a USB keyboard, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

1. Plug in power cabling: Unbox your Parlevel Max kiosk and plug in the power cord to a wall outlet.

2. Connect the kiosk to the internet. Your Parlevel Max kiosk can connect to the internet via Ethernet or wireless connection.

a. Ethernet Connection: If a kiosk will be using a Ethernet connection, you will need to locate the white Ethernet cable that is provided inside of kiosk cabinet door. You can then plug that directly into the ethernet port on wall. If a longer cord is needed, you can remove the pre-installed Ethernet cable by removing the backing (using a Phillips head screwdriver) from the kiosk and routing the new longer cable to the CPU.

b. WiFi Connection: If you are using a wireless connection, you will need to plug in the USB keyboard into the USB cable that is inside of the Kiosk cabinet. After the keyboard is connected you can touch anywhere on the kiosk screen to ensure it’s in focus. You will press Ctrl + Q to quit the app, then press Windows Key + N to pull up the network manager. Navigate to Wifi > select network > type in network password > press enter. This will connect the kiosk to the internet.

3. Open the Kiosk App: Then you will press Ctrl + M to pull up a menu > then you will select kiosk and hit enter. This will open the Kiosk App,

4. Input Owner Information: Input your owner login information. You will need to input your company name, which is your subdomain to your Parlevel VMS login. For example, company@parlevelvms.com. You will then enter your Username and Password, which are the same credentials you use to login to your Parlevel VMS. Input your device ID, which is on the side of your kiosk (starting with PLK). Then, enter your gateway password which is supplied by the Parlevel team.

5. Conduct Hardware Test: The App will pull up and kiosk will now be live! Log in as a driver using your VMS credentials to check the hardware test and confirm the kiosk is working properly. In the future, this driver login will be used to service the kiosk as well as manage products on site. Once done you, can hit the start over button to return you to the kiosk home screen!

Now, your Parlevel micro market is up and ready to serve your customer’s needs! Remember, you can reach out to your Parlevel Success rep at any time for training on our powerful merchandising, logistic, and sales tools to help you get the most out your market setup.