COVID-19 has changed the way the modern workplace operates. Some workplaces have sent all of their workers home to work remotely, while other businesses don’t have that luxury and must provide a safe workspace for employees that are onsite. Many other businesses find themselves somewhere in the middle – employing a hybrid style where some employees can work remote, while others come into the office.

Regardless of the setup your business has employed, it is crucial to examine how your workplace will operate with these unexpected challenges. In this Post-COVID environment, how can you keep employees safe, engaged, and productive – wherever they are? One place to start is by embracing a healthy breakroom offering with a workplace micro market. As the workforce returns, your employees need to feel safe while purchasing food and beverages.


Breakroom Packages (Post-COVID)-C

A Safe & Healthy Environment

While your workplace breakroom is a small piece of the puzzle when dealing with COVID, it is an area that will have an immediate positive impact on your employees. Employee breakrooms are a hotspot of traffic. To maximize workplace safety, you need a healthy breakroom that accommodates safety guidelines regarding social distancing and no-touch protocols.

With a micro market, you can offer a self-checkout breakroom solution that contains a wide array of options while keeping your employees safe and satisfied. Offering a diverse range of meals, snacks, and beverages inside your building keeps your workers on-site – reducing their risk of exposure by limiting them from leaving your building for lunch or breaks. Plus, micro markets have no touch capabilities. Employees can purchase items without touching the kiosk, checkout straight from their phones, and open fridges with touchless door handles. On-site vending machines and micro markets provide employees a safe and effective way to purchase lunches, snacks, and beverages in a contactless, controlled manner, while eliminating the need for employees to travel off-site.



Engage Employees Everywhere

Remote work or hybrid style setups come with challenges. One potential issue comes with employee engagement. How can you keep remote employees in tune with the rest of the company, and how can you engage workers that are on site?

Many micro markets come with home delivery capabilities. The operator who stocks and services your market can offer home delivery for your employees who work remote. Snacks, meals, and even household essentials like paper towels can be delivered at the touch of a button. Offer delicious food and beverage options to increase engagement with all of your employees, wherever they are.



koin marketBoost Company Productivity

How did you motivate employees before COVID? Many companies rely on effective workplace motivators like company events and social gatherings. Today, those events are almost impossible to conduct. Virtual happy hours and Zoom meetups are a popular replacement, but there are additional ways to motivate your employees.

By installing a healthy breakroom inside your workplace, you will show your employees you care about their safety and well-being. You can even subsidize employee purchases from the physical market or for home delivery. Since free coffee or snacks might not be an option anymore, this initiative helps you provide workplace motivation to all of your employees.


Running a successful workplace is hard in the Post-COVID era. Companies are still experimenting to find ways to accommodate their workers in today’s environment. It’s a small start, but upgrading your breakroom to a micro market can go a long way in positively influencing workplace safety, engagement, and productivity.


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