We have some great new product updates to our system! See how your operation can improve with these new tools.

1. Market Balance Update

Change wallet balances in bulk. Easily apply balance adjustments across entire accounts, or target specific users for special promotions.

2. Quick Access to Receive Orders

Make your warehouse operations more efficient! Now, you can receive pending orders directly from the warehouse orders page – making it faster to receive inventory.

3. Date Code on Incoming Warehouse Orders

Keep your product suppliers accountable. Easily track the date code for incoming stock to quickly identify expiring items and keep your products fresh.

4. Product Family in Warehouse Inventory Report

Easily group inventory records by product family. Stay on top of inventory and make sure your unsold products are taxed accurately.

5. Account Rep in OCS Account Sales Analytics

Pay out commissions to your reps easier than ever. We’ve added a column for OCS Account Reps in your sales report screen, so you can quickly pay out commissions accordingly.

Keep your eye out for more product features to come! Want to see a specific feature developed? Let us know!


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