Attracting, hiring, and retaining workers is more difficult than ever. Modern employees expect a lot, and employers need every edge when it comes to hiring. One area that’s often overlooked? The employee breakroom. Gone are the days where a few vending machines, a water cooler, and the same old coffee options were enough. Luckily, modern breakrooms have evolved to help you provide a space that attracts talent, increases productivity, and boosts morale.

Sure, every company would like to have the best breakroom around, but for a lot of companies, it simply isn’t a realistic option. Breakrooms are not a one size fits all approach. Factors like employee count, company culture, available space, and more can determine how you can fulfill your breakroom needs. Not sure which breakroom solution is right for your business? See how micro markets, smart coolers, coffee, or all three can work for your breakroom. 

market image 22Micro Markets

Micro Markets are an unattended breakroom solution loaded with a huge customizable variety of fresh, healthy options for you and your fellow employees! Snack racks, coolers, and fridges are paired with a self-checkout kiosk to give you a grab-and-go solution that makes it a breeze for your customers to get the products they want. Markets can stock everything from fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, chips, and everything in between. Simply select a product, scan it at the kiosk, and checkout – it’s that easy!

Micro markets do have some qualifiers attached, however. Micro markets work best in locations that have 75 – 500+ workers on site. If your location has fewer than 75 folks, micro markets might not be a good fit. Micro markets also take up a good amount of space. The smallest setup needs at least 5 feet of space to function as intended. Finally, micro markets are essentially a high tech honor system. There are many security measures in place, but with an open environment, some workers may try to steal. This means micro markets work best in areas where there are few outside visitors. 

If your company has 75+ people, at least 5 feet of space, and little outside visitors, micro markets are your best solution for a breakroom space!

lobby- NEW hubz coolerSmart Coolers

Need a solution that is more secure than micro markets? Smart coolers might be the right fit for you! Our hubz Smart Cooler is a fully secure, smart, locking cooler that only opens when payment is presented. Once a product is selected, hubz notifies the user of their selection immediately and issues a charge once the door is closed. The fridge can be stocked with ready-to-eat meals, delicious beverages, quick snacks, and more!

Compared to micro markets, hubz can work with fewer employees on site since it has a lower capacity. The sweet spot for hubz is anywhere from 30 – 150 employees. Hubz is smaller than a micro market setup and needs just over 3 feet of space to work properly. Unlike micro markets, hubz is incredibly secure. It combines the security of a traditional vending machine and  the product diversity of a micro market. This means it can work in locations where visitors are common.

If your company has 30 – 150 employees, at least 3 feet of space, and an extra need for security, hubz is a great fit for your space.

coffee-at-officeOffice Coffee

Coffee truly makes the world go ‘round, but these days, a simple drip coffee maker doesn’t cut it. Thanks to the hard work of Starbucks and local coffee shops, employees expect a premium coffee experience. Modern breakrooms have modern solutions! You can lean on a wide range of options from bean-to-cup brewers, k-cups, specialty coffee machines, espresso machines, and other options your employees will love.

The qualifiers to bringing in office coffee? We can’t think of any! Even if you have a smaller employee count or limited space, there is a coffee setup to satisfy every business. Sure, premium coffee machines might require a bigger budget, but k-cups can always work in a pinch.

If your company has any number of employees or space, coffee service is essential. 

No matter the business, modern breakroom setups are more accessible than ever. From micro markets to smart coolers, and office coffee, providing an excellent breakroom service is easier to than ever. Don’t feel limited to just one setup, either. Micro markets, smart coolers, and office coffee can all work in harmony to give you and your employees an excellent breakroom space.

Want to improve your breakroom to boost morale, increase productivity, and attract & retain talent? Reach out to Parlevel today, and we’ll work with you to find the right breakroom setup for your business!

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