Want to show your customers how to properly clean the Micro Market Kiosk? Try Micro Market’s cleaning theme on your Parlevel Kiosk! With the current situation, customers buying from your kiosk might want to clean the kiosk themselves. Knowing the proper way to clean the kiosk will not only prevent unwanted damages, but make your customers feel cared for.

The Micro Market Cleaning Theme demonstrates the proper supplies to clean the kiosk. What better way to prevent any unwanted damages than by showing off a sleek theme and increasing interaction with the kiosk.


The Micro Market Cleaning theme is now live and ready for you to switch to! It’s a breeze to change your Micro Market theme! Simply fire up your VMS, navigate to the “Markets” tab, select “All Markets, choose the market you wish to edit, select “Edit Market”, click on the “Settings” tab, and select “Kiosk Theme.” Save your changes and your market will display the theme that you’ve chosen.

Disclaimer: Kiosk needs to be on release 2.11.15 for it to be displayed properly.

Do you have any ideas for themes you want to see in the future? Let us know! Shoot us an email or Slack message, or you can notify your Customer Success Manager!

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