Parlevel micro markets help you give your customers an easy way to scan, pay, and enjoy delicious products conveniently. But our micro markets give you much more than that – they’re backed by a robust micro market management system that helps you spend less, sell more, and gain control of your micro market setups. Here’s how it works:

Spend Less

Parlevel management system monitors your micro market in real time. From the Parlevel VMS, you can monitor market inventory, sales numbers, cash to collect, and much more! From this information you can use Parlevel’s tools to save money when servicing your micro market setup. 

Through Parlevel’s warehouse functionality, you can cut spoilage costs by ordering precise product inventory based on sales history across your entire operation. The VMS will suggest order quantities, and you can place orders with suppliers right inside the system.

Since Parlevel’s micro market management system knows the status of your markets at all times, you can plan more efficient routes and services! Choose from key metrics like cash to collect, product sold outs, parlevel percentage, days since last service, and more to service markets precisely when they need it – helping you cut out unnecessary services. Plus, know exactly what inventory your market needs ahead of time. After you plan the route, the system will tell you which products you need to bring – helping you cut costs by servicing markets more efficiently.

Sell More

Parlevel’s micro market management system helps you boost market sales. The product merchandising feature allows you to view which products sell well and which ones don’t. This helps you replace slow movers with high-demand products to boost overall market sales. This feature also helps you test new products. If you want to try a seasonal flavor or a location makes a request, you can stock it and quickly tell if it’s worth keeping or not.

Our micro market kiosks have customizable UI options that help you attract, inform, and ultimately sell to more customers. Custom themes help you appeal to a location’s identity and keep the kiosk fresh. For example, use the medical theme in a hospital breakroom or switch to the Halloween theme in October. You can also use customizable marquee text to bring attention to promotions. Or, use the featured products tab to advertise new products!

Inspire repeat purchases by offering wallet reload promotions! For example, offer a customer a 10% bonus whenever he refills his wallet at the kiosk. Plus, use the micro market emailer tool to communicate directly with your customers to create buzz and increase sales at your market.

Gain Control

Parlevel’s management system helps you gain control over your entire operation. You can manage your micro markets alongside vending, office coffee service, pantry service, and smart stores. Running all your business lines inside one system helps you get a complete view of your operation. 

Running a successful micro market is much more than having a good kiosk or attractive products. To maximize your profits, you need a micro market management system that helps you service more efficiently, boost market sales, and help you take control of your operation. 

Already using a kiosk that isn’t Parlevel’s? Ask us how you can manage your existing micro market inside our system to grow your business. Visit us at to learn more.

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