Say hello to Parlevel’s new Micro Market Max 2.0 kiosk. In this micro market demo video, we will show you everything new on the 2.0 kiosk. This kiosk is an updated version of the original Max model and features a sleeker, more refined design, plus upgraded tools that will help you service successful micro market accounts.

A More Attractive Kiosk to Engage Customers

The new Micro Market 2.0 kiosk features a slimmed down look. We’ve improved the form factor by reducing the sides of the casing. This streamlined design makes for a lighter, easier to move, and more attractive kiosk. Plus, the smaller footprint makes the kiosk more versatile, and it can be placed in a wide variety of fixtures and locations.

The side door of the kiosk has also been revamped. We’ve increased the size and space inside- giving you more room to maneuver. The expanded door helps you pull cash and troubleshoot your kiosk more quickly.

Micro Market Max 2.0 is available in 2 colors – black and white. Choosing your kiosk color lets you provide a more appealing and attractive micro market setup by matching your kiosk to your custom fixtures or coolers.

Better Performance, Maximum Up-time

We’ve swapped out the previous CPU for a custom model made specifically for Parlevel kiosks. This industrial-grade, custom model ensures optimal performance and has an expected life of up to ten years.

The front-facing camera moved from the top of the kiosk toward the center to better capture images of your customers. The webcam also includes a 180 degree, fish-eye lens with enough range to take high-quality images of customers of all sizes. These two improvements give you clear images of your customers, and make it easier than ever to identify and eliminate potential theft.

The Micro Market Max 2.0 kiosk comes with the latest model of Zebra barcode scanner. This rugged scanner is extremely powerful and reliably scans products straight into the kiosk. The barcode scanner can even be used for your customers to login to their virtual wallets with a company badge or keycard.

The 21 inch touchscreen improved to an industrial version. These screens are incredibly durable and can handle even your toughest customers. The upgraded touchscreen has an improved viewing angle, so your customers can always see what’s displayed on the screen.

We still feature a premium fingerprint reader on the right side of the kiosk. Your customers can quickly and reliably sign into their virtual wallet with nothing more than the touch of a finger.

More Payment Methods Lead to More Sales

Your customers can pay with a wide variety of payment methods. Our built-in bill acceptor lets your customers pay with cash, or our credit card reader enables them to pay with the latest in cashless payments. Credit, debit, campus card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and NFC payments are all accepted – empowering your customer to pay however they’d like.

Micro Market Max 2.0 is constantly updated to run the latest version of our kiosk application. We are always improving and adding to our services to make your customer’s checkout process as enjoyable as possible. These frequent updates always keep your kiosk on the cutting-edge of micro market technology.

Parlevel’s Micro Market Max 2.0 is a sleek, powerful, and easy to use checkout solution for your micro market locations. Get started today and service profitable and successful micro market accounts.

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