Say hello to Parlevel’s Micro Market Max kiosk. This kiosk is loaded with features that make it an engaging and easy-to-use self-checkout solution for your micro market account.

This kiosk is a workhorse. The kiosk itself is 38 inches tall and made from acrylic that won’t rust or warp with use. Micro Market Max can service thousands of customers a day without interruption.

At the top of the Micro Market Max kiosk is a front-facing webcam that captures images of every transaction. This helps you quickly spot and eliminate potential theft.

Along the right side of the kiosk is a built-in fingerprint reader. Your customers can simply put their thumb on the fingerprint reader to quickly sign in to their virtual wallet.

The Micro Market Max kiosk has a built-in barcode scanner that quickly and reliably scans products into the kiosk. The barcode scanner can even be used for your customers to login to their virtual wallets with a company badge or keycard.

Once your customers are ready to checkout, they have a few different ways to pay. A bill acceptor lets your customers quickly pay with cash. If your customers prefer cashless payments, they can use this cashless reader to pay with credit, debit, or mobile payments like Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Your customer interacts with Micro Market Max through a commercial-grade 21 inch touchscreen that can handle your toughest customers. The kiosk is loaded with services that make it really easy for your customers to use. High-quality product images pop into the cart once your customers scan their products. Have products that don’t have a barcode? No problem!Your customers can enter their product into the search bar and add it to their cart. Your customers can checkout with a virtual wallet that is accessible via email, pin, fingerprint reader, or barcode scanner. And you can even run custom promotions to boost sales and keep your customers engaged.

There you have it! Parlevel’s Micro Market Max is a durable, easy-to-use, and engaging kiosk that your customers will fall in love with. Get started today and make it easy for your customers to grab, scan, pay, and go!

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