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Micro Market Mini

A total Micro Market solution,

in a Smaller Package

Powerful Hardware

Parlevel Micro Market Mini packs punch in a smaller package. Let your customers scan, pay, and enjoy easily with an 10.1” touchscreen, cashless reader, barcode scanner, and front-facing security camera.


Micro Market Mini comes equipped with a stand and attachable arm. Set the Kiosk on your shelving or fasten it directly to your fixture. Increase Kiosk accessibility in any Micro Market setup. The more space available, the more sales space you will have.

Location Profitability

Invest in a Micro Market at a fraction of the cost. Micro Market Mini is designed to fit in the same space that accommodate vending machines. Replace your machines with a market, and watch your profitability soar.

Robust Management

Manage your Micro Market with ease. Use product merchandising tools, product sales reports, stocking projections, and more to cut costs, boost sales, and get the most out of your locations.

All Powered by Parlevel’s Vending Management System


Perfect For Smaller Breakrooms.

Micro Market Mini can fit in locations that traditional Kiosks cannot. Perfect for locations with 125 people or less. Attach your Mini Kiosk directly to your fixture via an extendable arm, or set it on a shelf. Replace your vending machines with a market setup to increase location profitability.

Increase Sales At Larger Locations

Micro Market Mini can be paired with Parlevel’s traditional Max Kiosk to better serve busy locations. Add a Micro Market Mini to existing setups to cut down on long lines – increasing profits and customer satisfaction.


Manage Your Locations Like A Pro

Micro Market Mini is backed by a complete management system that helps you get the most out of your location. Product stocking recommendations, customizable promotions, and spoilage reports help you maximize location profitability.

Support You Can Count On

Parlevel’s support team will help you with your market from start to finish. We’ll help you customize mockups to pitch accounts, build perfect setups for your locations, ensure smooth grand openings, and maintain market uptime.

Trade-in Program

Trade in your old Kiosk and get Credit toward a Parlevel Kiosk or Retrofit.

Get an offer for your old Kiosk

Get a Parlevel Kiosk or Retrofit

Ship your old Kiosk to us and get refund credit




The global leader in commercial refrigeration. Choose from a variety of coolers and freezers for your Micro Market setup. Health lock enabled and Energy Star compliant.



Custom Micro Market fixtures, shelving, and even furniture. A modular retail solution to fit any space. Lightweight, easy to assemble, accommodates custom signage.



Utilize external and get security notifications straight to your phone to spot and deter theft. Cloud-based, Wi-fi enabled, intelligent motion tracking, and more.


A plug and play wireless connection for your Micro Market. Ensure reliable connectivity without depending on a locations WiFi or Ethernet connection.

You’re just a click away.