Hello operators! We hope you’re excited to join us for brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Zero Priced Items in Micro Markets

Promotions are a great way to attract customers to a micro market. You can achieve these by discounting certain items or even offering them for free. Our markets now allow you to add zero priced items. This way, you can offer free items and they will still be tracked for inventory and consumption purposes. Use this added flexibility to come up with attractive promotions and increase overall sales.

2. New Micro Market Themes

Customization on your kiosk is important for engaging your customers. We’ve released five new themes to help you keep your market fresh and leave a positive impression on your clientele! Construction, water, cats, medical, and a city theme have all been added – letting you appeal to your specific locations more effectively than ever!

3. Currency Formatting in Micro Market Emails

Parlevel continues to expand to more and more countries, and with that comes a more adaptable set of products. Our international customers will be happy to hear that we now provide an option in Company Settings to set the preferred currency format displayed to end users on transaction receipts.

4. New Ways to Organize Markets

Part of setting up a successful market is having a great product presentation. Our market layout tool makes it easy to shuffle products and try out new layouts. We added the capability for you to move products both horizontally and vertically from row to row. This new functionality should enable faster layout adjustments and better planograms.

5. Default Market Pricing

Trying to get a new market up and running quickly? We’ve added the ability for you to set market products to your default prices in bulk. This will help you speed up initial market setup, and keep tabs on your overall product pricing.

6. Account Filter in Market Transactions

The Market Transactions page in the VMS has always been the best place to drill down transactions to find exactly what you are looking for. Following a recent update, you can now filter transactions by Account. This new filter is especially useful for finding related subsidized wallet reloads and balance adjustments.

7. Warehouse Order Notifications

Staying on top of your inventory is key to running a lean operation. We’ve added an optional order notification to the Feed app for your warehouse that will remind you when to place orders and when orders should be expected to arrive. This will help you stay on top of ordering, receiving, and optimizing your warehouse process for a more efficient operation.

Thanks for joining us for this product update! If you have any questions on these new tools or features, let us know!

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