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  • Effectively plan for an economic downturn, prepare for negative market conditions, and learn how diversifying business lines will help your business remain stable.
  • Learn how to creatively manage capital. Between technology, product, and payroll costs, you will learn how you can manage money appropriately and responsibly.
  • Better run a lean operation. Learn which roles are essential, how technology can replace manpower, and how expansion without over-spending will help you find success in rougher economic climates.



  • Alan Munson – Parlevel – Presenter
  • Michael Ray – HGV – Panel Member
  • Dwain Sundine – Capitol Vending – Panel Member



The success of many businesses comes down to the state of market health. While a potential economic downturn can be challenging for an operation, it doesn’t need to be catastrophic. This presentation will examine the operational implications of a potential market decline, and how operators can best thrive in the face of challenging economic forces. Recommendations will include diversifying business lines, maintaining a healthy reserve of capital, and running a lean operation.

Customers pay a premium for convenience and impulse buys. In the face of a potential economic downturn, operators may find it challenging to thrive with negative market forces. Operations, big and small, should be well-prepared to take action in the face of economic challenges.

Operators will learn how to adequately prepare their companies to succeed in a challenging economic environment. They will know how to diversify business lines, and why this diversification will protect them from negative market forces. Operators will also learn how to creatively manage their businesses finances so they can keep a healthy reserve of cash on hand and remain maneuverable in harsh conditions. Plus, they’ll examine lean operation principles, and learn how they can remain operationally efficient.

The session template includes a primary presenter and a panel of successful operators. The featured operators have been in the industry for a long time, including during the 2008 recession, and have successfully guided their operations through harsh times.

The target audience of this session include vending, micro market, or office coffee business that are planning for success in the long run. Long-running companies can reflect on the effectiveness of their approach during the last economic downturn, while newer operators can plan for negative conditions for the first time.


Watch the entire webinar at this link! The webinar is FREE for NAMA members and $19.00 for non-members.


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