2020 was a challenging year. It tested every company in our industry in ways we could not have imagined. However, through hard work, commitment, and innovation, we are confident we will emerge from 2020 and find new opportunities to rebuild. To all our customers and partners, we thank you for your continued trust in us during these difficult times. Our number one goal every day is to help you and your business succeed.

Parlevel as a company is stronger than ever. In 2020, we were entrusted with the business of many enterprise accounts, while continuing to grow our overall customer base. Our customers range from growing businesses to well-established enterprises with multi-state operations.

We continue to solidify our operations – keeping our customers at the center of everything we do. Every department in the company has become more efficient. We’ve added key members to our sales, product development, and customer service team. Coupled with powerful new tools like the Parlevel Knowledge Base, we continue to provide our customers an exceptional level of support.

We’ve continued our global expansion by growing our business in Latin America, Europe, and Australia. This year, we will continue bringing our services to other regions around the world.

The Industry

2021 is going to be a year where conventional thinking will not be enough to succeed. While the industry remains strong, it has undoubtedly changed. Operators will need to be flexible, creative, and determined to rebuild in this new normal.

Traditional vending will continue to remain an essential unattended service. We are confident workers will come back to their workplaces once safety is no longer an issue. But growing unattended retail segments like micro markets, smart coolers, and campus checkout solutions will become more important. Our industry has a bright future and operators who embrace new tools to better serve their customers will find success. Parlevel will continue innovating and guiding the industry to embrace this new normal.

Helping Customers During Covid

We are committed to helping our customers find success. During the pandemic, this meant going above and beyond in terms of how we communicated with our customers. We made a concentrated effort to reach out to all our customers to truly understand what they were going through. We strived to feel the pulse of every company that does business with us.

We offered our customers COVID relief assistance to help them stay connected through the pandemic. We understood that the pandemic challenged our customers like never before, and we worked hard to come up with a plan to help them through it. 

Throughout the year, many accounts closed temporarily or permanently. We worked hand in hand with our operators to find new opportunities in closing potential accounts and expanding services at current locations – all while collaborating on how to operate more efficiently.

New Product and Services 

Parlevel launched numerous new products and services to help empower our customers. To mention a few:

We launched Parlevel Pay Touch – a highly-engaging and captivating touchscreen credit card reader. Together with Parlevel Pay, our collection of credit card readers help you maximize machine profitability regardless of location.

We added more sanitary checkout options for our micro market kiosks. With customer health at the forefront of businesses operations, we made it a priority to help our customers provide safe and exceptional service.

We launched offline functionality to micro markets. Through offline mode, Parevel kiosks stay up and running even if there is a temporary loss of internet connectivity helping companies to ensure kiosk functionality, avoid lost revenues, and provide uninterrupted service to customers.

We introduced to our product offering a new smart cooler called hubz. This product helps operators offer the product diversity of a micro market with the security of a vending machine – helping businesses serve customers in new locations.

We released Cater – a self-checkout solution that helps operators create a convenient and profitable dining solution for campus and restaurant environments. Cater, just like hubz, is the perfect example of the new tools that will help operators navigate 2021.

Parlevel’s VMS – the powerhouse of Parlevel’s products and services improves every day. We released dozens of new features and improvements to our management system for vending, office coffee, Micro Markets, and other unattended retail solutions. Many of these improvements improve the flexibility and quality of our VMS for enterprise companies. To name a few:

Streamlined OCS invoices, currency updates to the koin app, improvements to our service tech module, expanded support for multi-warehouse operations, simplified cashless transaction reports, commission reports set at the account level, better product searches, bag consolidation updates, accessibility to Stock and other apps to help visually impaired users, driver prekitting options, easy micro market price changes, offline machine shrinkage and much more.

We launched the Parlevel Knowledge Base – a customer support platform to help our customers get the most out of Parlevel technology. Through this platform, customers can  cc Access dozens of helpful videos, check the status of support tickets, and even chat with fellow Parlevel operators around the world. 

What’s Next?

In 2021, Parlevel will continue to invest in products, services, and processes that improve our customers’ businesses. Over the next year, you can expect improvements in the following areas: Micro Markets, our Vending Management Systems, Global Customer Wallets, a Transition to 4G devices, new points of sale under the hubz Smart Stores business line, expansions to Cater – our campus and restaurant dining solution – and much, much more.

We know 2020 was difficult, but we are excited for the opportunities we see ahead. Together, we can take the lessons we’ve learned and bounce back this year. We thank you for your trust in Parlevel and we look forward to continuing to build great things together. 

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