In 2021, many companies invited their workers back to the office. To help employees adjust from at-home or hybrid working styles, workplaces improved their on-site facilities. These improved on-site facilities helped workplaces persuade their employees to return by offering great amenities right on site. One simple way to improve your workplace is by upgrading your onsite breakroom.

Micro markets are an on-site breakroom solution consisting of a self-checkout kiosk, fridges, freezers, and shelving that stock delicious snacks, drink, and full-meal options for your employees. By providing food and beverage right on-site, you can keep your employees in the office – helping them feel safe while increasing the interaction between colleagues and boosting overall productivity. The best part? Micro markets are free to your company! All you or your coworkers pay for is the food and drinks you purchase.

Parlevel micro market breakrooms can range from serving 50 employees all the way up to 500+. No matter the size, Parlevel can provide a tailor-made solution from your workplace. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite breakrooms from 2021.

Small Favorite BreakroomsSoftware Company Breakroom – 75 Employees

This micro market is from a Florida-based software company that wanted to provide better on-site options to their team. With around 75 employees, they have a smaller amount of employees compared to the markets below. Their setup consists of a Micro Market Mini kiosk, three beverage coolers, and two snack shelves. As an added perk, this company subsidizes their employee wallets – giving their employees $100 per month to spend at the market. Micro markets give you the flexibility of subsidizing employee lunches, or using wallet credit as a perk or reward (like for winning employee of the month.) 


Medium Favorite BreakroomsArchitecture Firm Breakroom – 200 Employees

Here is a larger micro market setup housed in an architecture firm based in the Midwest. With few lunch options around them, it was important for this company to provide full meals right on-site. They have around 200 employees in their workplace, which tends to be the average workforce size for micro market setups. We like this setup because of the custom header above the micro market housing. For this setup, we worked with them to install the larger Micro Market Max kiosk, two beverage coolers, two food coolers, and two snack racks. The extra emphasis on food coolers helps them provide on-site lunch options for their employees.


Large Favorite BreakroomsInsurance Company Breakroom – 500 Employees

This last breakroom image is an insurance brokerage in Texas. This company had a pretty big breakroom area for their 500+ employees. Their main goal was to provide great on-site options while fostering a communal lunch spot. With this in mind, we helped them provide a large micro market complete with counterspace and tables. We worked together to find a large setup that worked for their company – a Micro Market Max kiosk, three snack racks, one freezer, two food coolers, and four beverage coolers.

These were just a few of our favorite breakrooms of 2021. Which setup did you like the best, and which micro market size works best for your company? Fill out the form below, and we’ll work with you to get a micro market unique to your company’s needs.

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