For the past 8 years, Parlevel’s industry-recognized customer support team has helped launch, grow, and support operations of all sizes in over 26 different countries around the world. Our US-based Customer Support team is available 7-days-a-week via chat, email or phone, and focuses on responsiveness, speed and effectiveness. From independent operators to bottlers, our team is here to serve you every day. Hear from the Parlevel customer support team on how our focus on responsiveness, wide array of tools, and genuine care about our customers make our support so successful. 

Quick, Effective Problem Solving

When it comes to supporting Parlevel customers, speed and effectiveness are crucial. “The goal of our department is to assist customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible,” said Rita Zarate, Hero Support Manager at Parlevel Systems. “To make sure that their operation is successful, that they are learning new ways to run their business, and that any issues that come up are resolved quickly.” From management to support specialists, the focus on speed is a pillar of our support team’s mentality. “We are able to respond within about five minutes of getting a call or text from a client,” said Steve Lusk, Hero Support Specialist. “It’s important that we can get to them quickly because usually they’re on site…we know that their time is important and it’s worth money.”

Tools that Work for You

The Parlevel customer support team can respond quickly and effectively due to the variety of tools at our disposal. We provide phone, chat, email, and knowledge-base support. With these wide variety of tools, customers can get help whichever way works best for them. “It’s important to offer different types of tools because different customers have different needs,” said Zane Potter, Hero Support Specialist. “If a customer is out on a location in front of a machine, they might not be able to type on a computer…or chat.” This approach to support ensures customers can get the help they need, however they need it.

A Team that Genuinely Cares

Plus, the Parlevel customer support team consists of personnel that genuinely care about your business. “We look for team members who feel that they succeed when you succeed,” said Rita. “My team is very passionate…that’s the type of personality I’m always looking for. Everybody is on your side, everybody wants to make sure that your company succeeds.”

This combination of quickly responding, utilizing a wide range of tools, and genuinely caring about our customers’ business make Parlevel support the best in the industry. Our customers rest easy knowing they can get help from somebody without waiting hours for a response. 

Get started with Parlevel today and take comfort working with people who genuinely care about your business.

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