Welcome to Parlevel’s feature spotlight! In this video series, we’ll highlight popular and effective features inside Parlevel’s suite of unattended technology tools.

Today we are taking a look at our Micro Market Emailer feature. This tool will help you communicate with all of your micro market end users. Whether you’re advertising a new product, starting a new promotion, or communicating market status, you can keep your customers engaged and well-informed. Here’s how it works.

From within the VMS, navigate over to this ‘All Users’ option in the Markets dropdown menu. From here, you will get to this page that lists out every Micro Market user across all your accounts.

To get to the Emailer feature we first want to select some users. This feature makes it easy to target specific users or audiences. If you are targeting users from a specific account or with certain attributes, feel free to use the available filters before selecting. For example, maybe you want to give some credit to some of your favorite customers and then send off an email to them thanking them for their business.

Now that you have contacts selected, choose”Emailer” from this options menu. You can see the contacts you selected pre-filled here. Everyone listed here will be emailed individually and won’t be able to see who else was sent the same email. Similar to a BCC in your personal or business email.

Okay, let’s set up a custom subject line and message. You can use these special variables to personalize your email toward a user’s name or user number. Once you are satisfied with your message, all that is left is to choose a theme and optionally attach an ‘Inrto to Micro Market PDF’ to the email. This inclusion is especially helpful for new Micro Market installs. It’s a good idea to preview the content of the email to make sure it all looks good, you can do that with this “Preview Email’ option.

Looks great, let’s send it!

The Micro Market Emailer feature helps you communicate key information to your user base. Easily select your audience, craft your message, and send away! Key marketing info, market status, or updates can be sent with just a few clicks! Anything you’d like to see added to this feature? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more feature highlights on Parlevel’s suite of unattended retail technology!

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