Parlevel Launches Cater Dash Self-Checkout Kiosk

The New Addition to the Cater Order-Ahead Solution Provides Flexibility and Improved ROI for Made-to-Order Food Providers

San Antonio, Texas, June 21st, 2022 – Parlevel Systems, a global supplier of software and hardware tools for unattended retail operations, has launched Cater Dash – a versatile, tabletop, self-checkout solution for made-to-order food providers. The Cater Dash kiosk helps food service providers offer convenient ordering, simplify order fulfillment, and improve overall operations.

Cater Dash is a tabletop, self-checkout kiosk that can be installed in campus, hospital, restaurant, and entertainment environments. The kiosk is a tabletop unit, which enables food-service providers to place it in a wide variety of locations. The smaller size allows for rapid deployment, while the streamlined design creates an attractive ROI. The kiosk utilizes an easy-to-use touchscreen that displays the menus of all food and beverage providers in a location. Using the touchscreen, customers can select an item and customize their order using modifiers. Customers can also use the built-in barcode scanner to scan a product for easy grab and go. Once items are added to the card, customers can use an RFID badge reader for rapid login to their personal account to pay via preloaded funds; or, the Square payment terminal that allows customers to pay via credit, debit, mobile payment, or NFC. The payment is confirmed through physical or virtual receipt.

The Cater Dash kiosk joins the existing family of Cater order-ahead products including the original free-standing Cater kiosk, a mobile app for purchasing on the go and order ahead, a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that helps staff efficiently fulfill orders, and an insightful manager dashboard to help staff make informed decisions. Through Cater, food service providers can utilize an all-in-one solution for order fulfillment.

“The labor shortage has made self-checkout solutions increasingly attractive.” said Alfonso Garcia, senior software engineer and co-founder at Parlevel Systems. “College campuses, office parks, hospitals and even theme parks are struggling to find employees and need unattended solutions to continue providing excellent service to their customers. Cater Dash gives these facilities a flexible and intuitive self-checkout system that makes it easy for their customers to order, pay, and go. Coupled with the Cater KDS and Manager Dashboard, food-service providers can finally benefit from a complete self-checkout solution without compromising their service.”

Cater Dash is available for purchase immediately. Businesses who purchase Cater Dash gain access to Parlevel’s 7-day-a-week customer support network available via chat, phone, or email. Parlevel also provides comprehensive training and remote installation assistance to help food-service providers adopt the Cater solution quickly and effectively. Cater Dash adds to Parlevel’s existing product family of micro markets, hubz Smart Coolers, vending management system (VMS), cashless readers, and suite of mobile apps. Learn more at

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