Looking to level up your customer service? Parlevel Link is here to help. Parlevel Link is an online platform that lets you take customer orders, receive feedback, and increase communication with accounts. With Parlevel Link, you can provide proactive service to your customers – increasing overall satisfaction while growing your business. Here’s how it works:

Create Your Own Customer Portal

With Parlevel Link, you can create your very own customer portal to let your vending, micro market, and office coffee or pantry customers order directly from you! Simply load in your product catalog to showcase your entire service capability. Next, create your customers. You can even break customers down into different tiers – offering different pricing to different accounts. Finally, give your accounts the link to your portal and login information to let them order with ease. 

Receive Customer Feedback

Address issues at your accounts as soon as they occur. Parlevel Link enables your customers to provide information on product suggestions, service requests, reporting, and overall feedback – helping you to receive and act on feedback as soon as it occurs. See who provided feedback at which account to identify trends and fix problems before they pile up.

Increase Transparency

Keep your accounts in the loop. Expertly handle commissions by sharing needed sales data filtered by point of sale and date at the click of the button. Run inventory variance reports on your micro markets to identify inventory discrepancies. Share these reports to allow for easy communication regarding potential theft.

Promote Your Business

Control the look and feel of Parlevel Link with custom backgrounds, colors, logo placement, slogans, contact information, and social media links. Reinforce your company’s branding while leaving a positive impression on your customers.
Get started with Parlevel Link today and serve your customers better than ever.


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