Receive Orders

Enable your customers to order vending, micro market, and coffee supplies directly. Increase satisfaction and boost sales by supplying products your customers want with tailored catalogs.

Increase Transparency

Share needed sales data filtered by machine and date. Eliminate uncertainty, avoid headaches, and stay on the same page as your customers.

Take Customer Feedback

Let your micro market, vending, and OCS customers leave feedback on your service. Take requests, receive product suggestions, and learn about potential issues faster than ever.

Use Your Own Branding

Customize your Parlevel Link page with your logo, colors, social media links, company slogan, and more. Reinforce your brand, drive referrals, and showcase your offering.


Allow your customers to order vending, micro market, and coffee delivery products directly with ease.

Showcase your entire product catalog to upsell customers and sell them on new items or exactly what they want. Provide invoices and order history to your customers. Create your own online ordering center.


Address issues at your accounts as soon as they occur. Parlevel Link enables your customers to provide information on product suggestions, service requests, reporting, and overall feedback – helping you to receive and act on feedback as soon as it occurs. See who provided feedback at which account to identify trends and fix problems before they pile up.


Run inventory variance reports on your micro market location to identify theft and see if there is an inventory discrepancy between stocked and sold. Share variance reports to allow for easier communication on potential theft.


Control the look and feel of your Parlevel Link portal with a wide variety of customizable options like background, colors, logo placement, slogan, contact information, and social media links.

Reinforce your company’s branding and corporate identity. Leave a positive impression on your customers and increase referrals.

Provide Better Customer Service.