Introducing Parlevel Pay Plus Cashless Readers. In this card reader demonstration, you’ll find tons of features that help you boost machine sales and provide a better service to your customers.

Parlevel Pay Plus card readers give your customers more ways to pay, which boosts your overall machine sales. Your customers can pay with credit, debit, or contactless payments like Apple Pay & Android Pay. Parlevel Pay Plus cashless readers also accept payment via chip insert with EMV. EMV dip payments are an incredibly secure method for your customers to pay. Your customers will rest easy knowing their information is safe and secure.

These new readers are powered by a 4G cellular network. The dependable signal strength of 4G gives you and your customers a cashless solution that will stay up and running. Plus, your cashless readers won’t be affected by the upcoming 2G / 3G shutdown – providing you a future-proof cashless technology. You can even access different 4G cellular networks, so you can choose the provider that works best in your area.

Parlevel Pay Plus is backed by Parlevel’s 7-day-a-week support team. We’ll help you with remote installation, monitor your readers’ performance, and troubleshoot to help you resolve potential problems. With our support team at your back, your card readers will stay up and selling.

Provide a reliable solution that accepts a huge variety of payment methods with Parlevel Pay Plus. Increase your sales and increase your customer satisfaction.

Buy Parlevel Pay Plus Cashless Readers Today!

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