Today, we’ll show you how to install a Parlevel Pay Touch card reader on a machine. Here’s how to get started with the touch card reader installation:

The items needed for the touch card reader installation:

  • A Pay Touch device, a Backplate (will be attached to device)
  • A Pay Plus Touch MDB Cable
  • Large and small Phillips-head Screwdrivers
  • A drill to make the holes necessary to mount the Pay Plus Touch card reader.

Now that we have our equipment ready, let’s start the touch card reader installation.

Step 1: Power down your vending machine.

Step 2: Prep the machine for installation.

Remove machine knock out plate or drill holes using the Pay Touch backplate as a guide. If the machine has a knockout plate, remove it from the machine. You will want to remove the backplate from the Parlevel Pay Touch card reader and install it where you removed the knockout plate. In this demonstration, we previously drilled out holes on the machine to mount the device, so we’re ready to move to the next step.

Step 3: Connect the device to the machine.

Remove the rear cover from the Parlevel Pay Touch. Route cabling through the machine, then connect the Pay Touch 40 pin MDB Cable & Antenna to the back of the device. You can mount the Antenna to the inside of the door. Secure rear cover back onto the device. Mount the card reader to the machine using the 4 Phillips head screws that were attaching the backplate to the device. Plug the MDB connection to the vending machine, this will go between coin mech and bill validator MDB connections. Plug in the DEX cable.

Step 4: Power on machine.

After the device boots up, perform a test transaction, if the transaction goes through, the installation has been completed. Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed a Parlevel Pay Touch Device. Now, you can boost your machine sales with an engaging, easy-to-use device.

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