Have questions about our new PayPlus card reader? We have answers! The PayPlus cashless device helps you boost revenues on your points of sale through reliable hardware, powerful management, and unparalleled support. Here are answers to common PayPlus FAQs:

PayPlus FAQs


What payments does the device accept?

PayPlus accepts EMV, contactless, contact, and mag-swipe. Customers can pay via all forms of credit and debit such as AmEx, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, etc. ApplePay and GooglePay are also available. Student card acceptance will be available by the end of 2022 via Blackboard and cbord. Wallets such as the 365 Pay app and GMA methods are compatible.

What kind of connectivity does the device have?

The device connects via cellular 4G (AT&T or Verizon) or Ethernet cable.

Is there multivend?

Yes. PayPlus allows customers to select and pay for three items by default. This can be customized, however.

Is there two-tier pricing?

Yes with an amount of ten cents or five cents. Two-tier is disabled by default. If enabled, ten cents is the default.

Does it integrate into my VMS?

PayPlus adheres to VDI standards, so it will integrate with all major VMS providers. However, using the Parlevel VMS provides major benefits since there is first-party support. Operators using PayPlus with the Parlevel VMS will see all their cashless data in one place and can utilize management tools such as prekitting, dynamic routing, product merchandising, and much more.

How often does funding occur?

Funds are deposited weekly.

When is the device activated?

The device is activated before shipment, meaning it should be ready out of the box. Monthly charges start with the first sale processed. Inactive devices may be subject to a 90 day dormant charge.

Are there refunds or coupon options?

Yes. You can issue a coupon code for a specific dollar amount to an email address or a phone number. If the customer is using the 365 Pay app, you can add money to the account.

How many DEXs per day does the device send?

The device sends up to 4 scheduled DEXs per day. You are able to request an immediate DEX remotely or physically via DEX on Demand functionality.

What is the pre-authorization amount?

The default is $5, but it can be custom configured.

Have additional questions not listed above? Let us know! We’re happy to provide you with the answers you need to get PayPlus devices up, running, and selling for your operation.

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