San Antonio, TX, November 30, 2016 – Parlevel Systems, the top-to-bottom provider of innovative vending technology tools for vending, micro market, and coffee, water, & other delivery operators around the world, announced an agreement with Grow Healthy Vending, the largest healthy vending provider in North America, to become the preferred vending technology provider for Grow Healthy operators.

Parlevel will offer its industry-recognized vending management system (VMS) and cashless payment solution, Parlevel Pay, to current and prospective Grow Healthy Vending operators. Grow Healthy businesses can utilize Parlevel’s VMS to access optimization tools like prekitting, intelligent product merchandising, dynamic route planning, and more to bring a slew of operational benefits to their vending services. With Parlevel Pay, Grow Healthy vending operators can accept credit & debit cards, mobile pay, and campus pay solutions while benefiting from features like two-tier pricing and direct daily deposits.

“The healthy vending industry shows tremendous opportunity for growth moving forward, and Parlevel’s vending technology solutions are uniquely positioned to help healthy vending operators effectively manage their businesses,” said Alan Munson, chief commercial officer at Parlevel Systems. “Product merchandising tools, warehouse management features, and a versatile cashless reader can help healthy vending operators offer their customers products they love with a payment solution they’re accustomed to using – all while reducing product expiration and shrinkage.”

Parlevel’s suite of vending technology tools will seamlessly integrate with Grow Healthy machines. Newly manufactured Grow Healthy machines will be fitted with Parlevel Pay, while many already-deployed machines are compatible for a retrofit. Any machine capable of DEX or MDB transmissions can connect to Parlevel’s VMS.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with Parlevel as we continue our ongoing effort of providing Grow Healthy Vending Operators with the very best in cutting edge technology,” said Chris Wyland, chief executive officer of Grow Healthy Vending.”The increased efficiency gained through the Parlevel VMS will streamline productivity while simultaneously improving Return on Investment for all members of the Grow family.”

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