San Antonio, TX, April 14, 2017 – Parlevel Systems, the top-to-bottom technology provider for the most productive network of vending, micro market, and delivery operators in the world, will showcase useful new tools at the 2017 NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new tools enhance Parlevel’s product suite and help operators spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations.

Parlevel’s micro market operators benefit from powerful features that set a new standard for micro market service efficiency, security, and customer experience which all work together to maximize location profitability.

New Micro Market Model Parlevel Systems

  • A streamlined user-interface encourages customer engagement and satisfaction leading to increased revenues, repeat sales, and boosted referrals for micro market operators.
  • Product addition through the kiosk simplifies kiosk management and cuts market service time by letting operators add product to their market on site.
  • Easy Audit Variance helps operators spot theft and increases the security of a market. The tool compares inventory stocked, inventory sold, and inventory remaining to identify missing product.

Parlevel’s vending management system (VMS) operators receive numerous capabilities that decrease machine service time, combat spoilage, and expand operational efficiencies.

Parlevel VMS Machine Routing

  • Smart Planning is a new, redesigned route planning module that automatically plans routes for operators – eliminating the hassle of manually selecting machines for service. The module schedules routes for operators based on their personal machine criteria – low inventory, high cash to collect, or proximity – saving countless time spent on manually planning routes.
  • Mobile Shrinkage Tracking reduces operational waste by allowing drivers to classify pulled products via smartphone. Drivers define spoiled product as either damaged, stolen, or expired to help operations identify and decrease product loss.
  • DEX on Demand puts instant machine data in the palm of an operator’s hand. Through the Parlevel Mobile App and Parlevel Box Telemeter, a route driver can arrive at a location, press a button on the app, and retrieve relevant machine data immediately – allowing for the most accurate prekit and machine-filling possible.

Parlevel is introducing a brand new product, Parlevel Now, which gives operators yet another way to increase sales and customer support. Parlevel Now is a customer-facing website that allows operators to connect with their customers like never before.

Parlevel Now Ordering Screen

  • Product ordering and inventory lookup boosts sales for vending, micro market, and coffee accounts. Customers can view inventory at their location, order desired product, and pay an operator directly.
  • Customer Feedback enables operators to provide excellent support to their location. Operators can view feedback on machine issues, product requests, or general information to improve location communication.
  • Sales reports and audits combat theft and help operators win new accounts. Operators can share inventory audits and sales reports directly with an account, which removes uncertainty with refunds and discourages theft.

“Increasing the profitability of our customer’s operations is our primary goal, that’s why we continually improve and enhance our technology,” said Rafael Barroso, chief information officer at Parlevel Systems. “We are constantly developing new tools to both update current offerings and to expand our product suite. Parlevel is fully committed to providing our operators with the latest and best technology available while building a complete solution that seamlessly integrates with their daily operations.”

Parlevel will display these powerful new tools for micro market, vending, and delivery operators at the 2017 NAMA OneShow. Operators can stop by Booth #841 to try out Parlevel’s products, see new features, and learn how to benefit from an investment in technology firsthand.