San Antonio, TX, September 15, 2017  Parlevel Systems, the technology provider of the most productive network of vending, coffee, and micro market operators in the world, announced the launch of Parlevel Link – a website linking Parlevel operators directly to their customers. Through Parlevel Link, operators have access to a custom-branded, unique website to receive orders, take customer feedback, and provide reports to increase account sales and customer satisfaction.

Operators can use Parlevel Link to showcase their product offering and receive orders directly from their vending, micro market, and office coffee locations. This helps operators appeal to a location’s unique product requests and generate increased sales. Parlevel Link also lets operators provide a simple and effective way to gather feedback from their accounts. This feedback can include equipment issues, general suggestions or special requests. Operators can use this feedback to quickly resolve potential issues and increase customer satisfaction. The Parlevel Link website allows operators to quickly show operational reports such as consumption behavior, theft, and more. This transparency dramatically increases customer retention

“This new tool builds a link between our operators and their customers with the sole purpose of providing an incomparable service experience that brings customer satisfaction to the highest level,” said Rafael Barroso, chief information officer at Parlevel Systems. “Parlevel Link seamlessly integrates into Parlevel’s VMS, bringing enhanced customer satisfaction capabilities into the platform that numerous operators use to run their operations every day. We will constantly expand the capabilities of Parlevel Link so it becomes the main tool of communication between operators and their accounts.”

Operators can put their Parlevel Link website on their existing web page, or send the link directly to their accounts. Prices, products, and other information is unique to each account. Parlevel Link can be customized with company logos, colors, social media links, slogans, and more that helps operations reinforce brand identity and drive referrals. Information submitted via Parlevel Link seamlessly syncs to Parlevel’s vending management system (VMS), Driver Application, and Business Feed application allowing for quick review and customer fulfillment.

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