San Antonio, TX, May 8, 2017 – Parlevel Systems, the technology provider for the most productive network of vending, micro market, and delivery operators in the world, has announced a partnership with the Sterling Group NV to exclusively provide micro market services to the largest manufacturing facility in the world.

The Sterling Group NV, a premier provider of workplace micro markets with the highest caliber of products and concierge services, is using Parlevel Systems’ micro market kiosks to roll out more than 25 markets in the the 13 million square foot factory. The site currently employs over 850 workers and looks to add over 5000 more by 2020.

When choosing a technology partner for a client of this caliber, user interface, transaction speed, reliability, and elegant design were top priority, which led the Sterling Group NV to Parlevel. Just two months after rolling out Parlevel kiosks, the Sterling Group NV has generated remarkable sales and remains well above industry averages. Each deployed Parlevel kiosk transacts tens of thousands of dollars in sales per month with 84% of monthly revenues coming from cashless sales.

“Any micro market provider can create a system that lets customers scan and swipe,” said Anton Novak, founder and CEO of The Sterling Group NV. “We partnered with Parlevel because they provide an intuitive and understandable user-interface for our customers and an incredibly robust inventory management system that helps us get the most out our markets. Beyond that, Parlevel’s customer service is top notch. Within minutes, I can expect assistance from Parlevel performed with a high level of competence. If the performance exceeds your location’s expectations, you know you have a great market.”

“Operators need to be able to trust their technology provider to help them keep up with the needs of their locations,” said Alan Munson, CCO at Parlevel Systems. “We created the Parlevel micro market solution to go beyond simply accepting payment – our management tools help operators make intelligent decisions about running their markets leading to better service for their customers. Add in our incredibly responsive support team, and operators have a winning recipe to run reliable, exceptional, and profitable micro markets.”

With Parlevel by its side, The Sterling Group NV plans to expand beyond breakrooms. They aim to leverage Parlevel’s technology to power gift shops, full-service cafeterias, and even employee equipment and uniform distribution. Just one year after launch, The Sterling Group NV has become an immensely successful vending and breakroom operation – all powered by Parlevel’s technology.

About Parlevel

Based in San Antonio, Parlevel Systems is the top-to-bottom provider of innovative vending technology tools for the food and beverage industries, including vending, micro market, and coffee, tea, water, and other delivery service providers. Founded by successful vending and technology professionals, Parlevel is dedicated to delivering an array of powerful yet easy-to-use technology solutions that empower operators with enhanced control and accountability of their business anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Parlevel utilizes a dedicated customer and technical support team to ensure seamless implementation and a transformative return on investment. 

About Sterling Group NV

The Sterling Group NV is a business founded on the principle that being in a large industrial area with few services doesn’t mean having to be in a food desert or without everyday services. The Sterling Group owns, operates and maintains workplace micro markets with the highest caliber of products and concierge services for companies looking to provide an exceptional benefit to their employees.