San Antonio, TX, March 12th, 2019 – Parlevel Systems, the technology provider for the most productive network of food and beverage operators in the world, has released its next generation of cashless readers called Parlevel Pay Plus. The new readers complement Parlevel’s all-in-one solution allowing operators to maximize machine sales while providing a better service to their customers.

Parlevel Pay Plus devices let operators accept numerous payment options. Machines equipped with Parlevel Pay Plus can accept credit, debit, campus, & loyalty cards, NFC payments, and mobile payments like Apple Pay & Google Pay. Parlevel Pay Plus also lets operators accept EMV dip payments – a global standard for accepting cashless purchases. With EMV capability, operators can utilize the latest standard in credit card security, which keeps customers payment information encrypted and secure.

Parlevel Pay Plus devices are powered by a 4G cellular connection. 4G offers a fast, dependable connection for cashless transmissions. Parlevel Pay Plus also accesses the most important mobile networks, which allows operators to choose the best provider in their area.  Vending machines equipped with Parlevel Pay Plus won’t be affected by the upcoming 2G and 3G shutdown, and can reliably accept cashless payments for years to come.

Operators using Parlevel Pay Plus are equipped to use Parlevel’s Vending Management System (VMS). Through the VMS, operators can view analytics about cashless sales, receive machine alerts, and identify sales trends to better optimize machines. Operators can also use the best routing, prekitting, and warehouse tools available in the industry. Armed with these management tools, operators can maximize the benefit they receive from their cashless readers.

“Parlevel distinguishes itself by offering an excellent all-in-one solution for food and beverage operators worldwide,” said Gabriel Senior, chief operations officer at Parlevel Systems. “At a time when accepting cashless payments in 100% of machines is a necessity, we have upgraded our solution to one that offers clearly the best equipment and features to empower our customers to succeed.”

Parlevel Pay Plus is powered by Nayax, the global provider of unattended payment solutions. The readers are compatible with most snack, beverage, and speciality machines. Cashless payment security meets the highest industry standards and is fully certified to meet regulatory compliance. Parlevel Pay Plus customers have access to Parlevel’s 7-day-a-week customer support network available via chat, phone, or email. Remote installation assistance and device troubleshooting ensure maximum device uptime.

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