Hello Parlevel operators! We added new tools and features for you to use for VMS and micro markets. With these changes, you’ll be able to speed up money counting, better customize the VMS to your operation, and run OCS operations in Stock for Android! Check out the updates:

  1. Consolidation Improvements
    Visual improvements to help your money counters better fix problematic machines.
  2. Custom Service Dates in Link
    Select specific service dates in orders from Link – ensuring you aren’t obligated to make a delivery outside of your normal service schedule.
  3. Combined Service Invoice
    Hardware and software invoices have been combined to make billing more transparent while cutting down on billing emails.
  4. Wallet Starting Balance
    Motivate customers to use koin and create a wallet by providing them a custom starting balance upon account creation.
  5. OCS in Stock for Android
    Stock for Android now supports OCS! Ditch the web browser and use the mobile application to make servicing more efficient.
  6. Improved Company Settings
    Use the VMS in a way that makes sense for your business. You can make sure the VMS is setup exactly how you want.

Keep your eye out for more product features to come! Want to see a specific feature developed? Let us know!
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