Brand new product updates have been released to make your life easier! Here are the helpful additions across our platform:

  1. Micro Market Onboarding
    Nail your market grand opening. Send an onboarding email straight to your customers so they are well-trained on how to use the market.

  2. Market Sales Report
    Explore market sales data to boost your sales. View itemized sales data to identify sales trends, explore new deals, and find transactions.

  3. Supplier Catalog Forecasting
    Fine tune your ordering process. Find just the right levels of inventory to keep on hand.

  4. Supplier Deposit Fee
    Track deposit fees from inside the VMS. Especially useful for California operators!

  5. French for Markets
    New language is available for our kiosks! Canadian and European operators rejoice.

  6. Link Payment Notifications
    Know right away when online payments are made, and be prepared for new revenue.

Keep your eye out for more product features to come! Want to see a specific feature developed? Let us know!

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