Hello Parlevel operators! We have added new tools and features for you to use for VMS, OCS, warehouse, micro markets, and other areas of the system. With these changes, you’ll be able to navigate the system more smoothly, order more accurately, manage micro markets better than ever, and more! Here are some of the updates we implemented to help you get more out of the system:

1. Direct email for commissions and subsidies. This will help you save time on sending necessary reports to your customers by letting you send the information directly from your VMS.
2. Additional filtering options. Tech tickets by account, money bag filtering, and more. This will help you find the information you need faster and easier than before.
3. Improved trigger accuracy for open door alerts. We now support more machine models for open door alerts, and can send you more accurate information. This will help you know if someone is opening your machine when they shouldn’t be.
4. Accept payment onsite at time of delivery for OCS. This will help you take payments in the field and cut down on work that needs to be done back at the office.
5. Improved warehouse ordering. Prices are editable from the supplier catalog page giving you more freedom to account for changing prices. Plus, you can print a physical order sheet so you can verify inventory before you place an order.
6. New list view for micro markets. This view shows your products by list form instead of by asset (like cooler, freezer, or shelf). This will help you edit products quickly and easily.
7. Additional reports for micro markets. User activity reports and transaction reports help you gain more insight into your customers and transaction trends.
8. Wallet balance report. Each month you will get an email showing you how much money is in wallets across all accounts to increase visibility into your markets.