Parlevel customers, check out these brand new tools and features to help you get more out of your technology. This update includes new features for our VMS, micro markets, Parlevel Link, and more! These tools will help you increase your sales, gain vital info into your operation, and increase overall order accuracy. Here are the list of product updates

  1. Streamlined Machine Optimization – Make Parlevel, product, and capacity changes in the machine optimization tool all from one screen. This will help you save time when optimizing your machines and will make it easier to increase machine sales.
  2. Machine Sales by Day – This new report will give you increased insight into machine performance by showing sales down to the day.
  3. Parlevel Link Payment Processing – Process invoices for office coffee services directly inside Parlevel Link. Instead of dealing with checks and/or cash for your customer invoices, you can now process customer orders online to increase your overall efficiency.
  4. Tax ID by Location – If you have a need to have different Tax IDs for each location, you now have the ability to set these inside the location screen. This will help you stay adhere to different tax codes and laws.
  5. Total Case Count – This has been added to the bottom of the supplier order screen to increase your ordering accuracy. This is an easy way to verify what you actually want ordered with what’s on your order ticket that’s going to your supplier.
  6. Banner Ads – You can now display custom banners at the top of your micro market screen. The sky is the limit when it comes to these banners – showcase your company branding, advertise product sales, highlight a new product launch, and more.
  7. Discounted Prices – Increase sales by discounting items for a specific amount of time. For example, set up salads to have a 10% discount on Fridays from 11:00am – 2:00pm to push these products out before they expire.

We hope you enjoy the changes! Check them out in your VMS, micro market, or Parlevel Link, and let us know know what you think.