Hello again all! We added new tools and features within Vending Management, OCS, and Markets Platform to greatly enhance your system. Including the following:

  1. Machine Notes Report
    A new report in the VMS that displays all Machine and Service notes for all Machines/Markets. This helps the operator keep track of issues that drivers come across during service and can help determine what to convert into Tech Tickets.


  1. Link Payments
    We have enabled the ability for Link users to pay OCS invoices straight from Link. Allowing the operator to be paid faster, and it is more convenient for their customers.


  1. Braintree Reports (Online Payments)
    A Braintree Transactions Report has been added, which provides info for both Koin reloads and OCS Invoice Payments that are processed through Link. The operator can gain deeper insight into Braintree Transactions, and narrow down transactions by their status.


  1. Kiosk software available for EU Markets
    Parlevel Market current software is now configurable, so International customers can better tailor the Micro Market experience for their customers.


  1. Koin Profile Pictures
    Micro Market users now have the option to add a Profile Pic within the Koin app. Now Micro Market users can further personalize their accounts, and the operator can identify their customers.


  1. New Kiosk Themes
    A new collection of Themes has been added to Markets. Now there are even more options to choose from for a theme that best matches the Market location.

More product features to come! Our thanks to everyone for being powered by Parlevel, contact us if you have any questions.