Hello operators! Emilio here. I hope you’re excited to join us for a brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Negative Warehouse Inventories

In an effort to provide you with more precise warehouse management tools, Parlevel has updated our VMS to allow for all non-machine inventories to go negative. This update applies to all operators with the VMS warehouse module enabled.

Now, warehouse and truck inventories for all products can drop below 0 when product quantities are prekitted or removed from truck inventory that exceeds the quantities currently recorded. These changes will be recorded in inventory history, so should you find a negative value, you can quickly identify when the change happened.

Because the inventory values in the warehouse dashboard and reports now take these negative inventory values into account, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant about tracking and consolidating accurate inventory quantities. We recommend reconciling truck inventories every day in order to record accurate warehouse inventory.

Static Schedule Enhancement

In an effort to accommodate your vending and market service needs, we have added flexibility to our static scheduler. Operators can now customize service and collect schedules up to four (4) weeks in advance to suit their specific needs. That location’s routing will now be based on the current active week in the schedule

Please note, while you can create new weekly schedules moving forward, your existing machine schedules have been preserved to eliminate routing issues.

Sunsetting 3G Network

AT&T shut down their 3G network in February, and many other cellular providers are likely soon to follow. This shutdown will interfere with 3G cashless devices, including the original Parlevel Pay cashless devices and Parlevel Box telemeters. This means your device may have already stopped working. Parlevel Pay Plus and Pay Touch devices will not be affected. If you are looking to upgrade to a 4G device to keep your cashless acceptance and machine monitoring operational, we do have trade-in options available at our website.

Visit us at parlevelsystems.com/trade-up to learn more.

Thanks for joining us for this product update! These new features and tools will help you run an even more successful business. As always, thanks for choosing Parlevel! If you have questions about any of these updates, please reach out to us!


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