Import Route Consolidation Info

Parlevel knows how important cash consolidation is to your operation. For that reason, we provide you multiple ways to use a Cummins Allison money counter with our management system. Whether you perform manual or automated service matching, we help keep your consolidation and services up to date.

We have extended that capability with our new money counter importer. The new importer will allow you to submit a data file with service date, bag number and currency counts. From there, our VMS will automatically create money bags and guide you to consolidate machine services – helping you to boost cash accountability throughout your operation.

New Kiosk Themes

The more engaging your kiosk is, the more likely people are to use it. To help you keep your micro market fresh and leave a positive impression on your customers, we have released four new market themes.

We’ve added airplanes, art, gym and western themes that you can apply to your micro markets, which brings the total available themes for markets to more than 25. These themes allow you to more effectively appeal to your specific location – helping you add that personal touch to satisfy customers.

OCS Order Create 

When it comes to office coffee service, timely delivery is a must. From the start, Parlevel’s office coffee service features have enabled your route manager to create OCS orders and route them for efficient delivery. We then released Parlevel Link, a custom ordering platform for your customers, that allowed your customers to create their own custom orders directly from you.

Now, we are bringing that capability to your driver via the Parlevel Stock App. With this new feature, drivers can create an order for immediate delivery or even schedule it for a future date. You have more flexibility than ever to create and execute deliveries, helping you service your customers quickly and effectively.

Enhanced Square Integration

Our Cater order ahead solution helps made-to-order food providers give exceptional service to their customers. The Cater self-checkout kiosk makes it easy for customers to select their meal, customize, and pay conveniently. From there, the Cater KDS relays the order to the kitchen to allow for rapid fulfillment.

 In order to provide an even better experience for your business, we have enhanced the integration between Cater and Square. You can now utilize tools that allow you to itemize orders, breakdown taxes and tips, automate refunds, and process payments via Square in our Cater mobile app. With this integration, you can now use the Square dashboard to view reports and control and customize how you receive funds processed by Cater Kiosks and the Cater mobile app.

Thanks for joining us for this product update! These new features and tools will help you run an even more successful business. As always, thanks for choosing Parlevel! If you have questions about any of these updates, please reach out to us!

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