Hello Parlevel operators! We added new tools and features for you to use for VMS, micro markets, and other areas of the system. With these changes, you’ll be able to create machines faster, promote your products, and generate more sales in your micro markets. Here are some of the updates we implemented to help you get more out of the system:

  1. Bulk Subsidy Emails
    Email multiple subsidy reports at once. Save tons of time by giving these reports to your customers in bulk.

  2. Smart Machine Creation
    Get your machines online faster than ever. Convert offline machines to online machines with ease and benefit from having your machines connected.

  3. Micro Market Missing UPC Report
    Quickly find and fix problematic products that aren’t scanning. Make sure items scan properly and customers checkout with ease.

  4. Micro Market Gift Card Redesign
    Kick off new markets, entice new users, or reward loyal customers with our redesigned gift cards!

  5. Cash Reload Promotions
    Encourage cash users to reload their wallets by giving them a bonus! Now, cash and cashless users have more motivation to use wallets.

  6. Micro Market Banners
    Advertise new products, highlight sale items, inspire reload promotions, and more on your micro market kiosk!

  7. Micro Market Search Improvements
    Make checkout faster and easier with our product search improvements. Customers get live search results as they type – speeding up transaction times.


Keep your eye out for more product features to come! Want to see a specific feature developed? Let us know!
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