Hello operators! My name is Emilio Silvas, and I am the product manager here at Parlevel Systems. I’m here to educate you on new products and features inside Parlevel’s suite of technology! We have some great new features in our system, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Smart Routing

Route planning in the Parlevel VMS continues to evolve from our legacy system to our newer and re-imagined Smart Routing platform. Smart Routing brings dynamic routing to the next level. With it’s core benefit being the ability to efficiently and confidently bulk plan all service routes in just a few short clicks. Smart Routing continues to stand out with the addition of a few new updates and features. 

First, the addition of several new ways to view assets and OCS stations. View them in context of other assets of the same location or together by asset type. All new views come with robust filtering options. When planning is complete, take a look at the new planning summary before finalizing each service route. 

Planning tiers are at the heart of Smart Routing. In a recent update, tiers gained the ability to prioritize locations over machines. Prioritizing locations allows routing the fewest locations possible while maximizing coverage at each site. A planning tier with this setting will apply pre-select rules for all assets location by location, starting with locations that have the highest priority assets.

Finally, a new Smart Routing setting can be used to set a collection amount threshold that will be used to automatically upgrade defaulted “Service Only” actions to “Service and Collect”. Helping to automate an otherwise manual process.  

Planning service routes is one of the most important tools a VMS can provide. Parlevel is proud to lead the way when it comes to empowering operators with the best, most flexible, and innovative tools to help you plan routes efficiently. Smart Routing is available to everyone and can be enabled in “Company Settings”. If you haven’t tried it, now is a great time to get started. Reach out to our Customer Success and Support teams to get set up and to schedule routes better than ever.

OCS Payments and Accounts Receivable Update

Over these past few months, our OCS platform has seen quite a few updates and enhancements. 

Most notably, we’ve improved the Account Receivable section of OCS. This section of the VMS has been completely rebuilt to be faster and more intuitive. The new Account Summary and OCS Payments pages give much greater insight into outstanding balances owed. Plus, it displays detailed accounting of how and when invoices were paid. 

Overall, OCS account payments have been updated to be a lot more flexible. Payments can be created, deleted, and edited easily. Use a payment or credit to pay down multiple invoices. Any invoices that can’t be fully paid off using a single payment will transition to a new “Partially Paid” status.


The hubz cooler is a smart, unattended point of sale that helps businesses offer ultimate convenience – a secure way to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. Unbound from strict requirements regarding product and place, businesses can use hubz to sell any good in any location. Through this technology, companies can finally bring unattended retail into untapped locations – adding new possibilities for growth.

We built hubz to be truly smart. We’ve developed product recognition algorithms, smart planograms, and load bearing sensors to power the hubz smart cooler. With this technology, hubz knows which product your customer selects, displays it to them in an easy to digest format, and charges them accordingly – helping to achieve the security of a vending machine with the product diversity of a micro market.

You can buy the hubz Smart Cooler today! Visit parlevelsystems.com/hubz to get started and help grow your business.

Thanks for joining us for this product update! These new features and tools will help you run an even more successful business. I look forward to updating you on new developments down the road! If you have questions about any of these updates, please reach out to us!

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